85/125 2-Stroke "Factory" expansion

Factory 125 expansion is made of variable thickness steel sheet and handmade in order to optimize exhaust gas flow.

The look is eye-catching and the welded joints are contained in such a way as to avoid protrusions.

The weight is reduced compared to the original exhaust and it is stronger thanks to longitudinal welds.
It allows you to gain power over the entire range of use.

Compatible with the original silencer.

85/125 2-Stroke "CARBY" carbon silencer

The 125cc carby silencer combines aluminum lightness, stainless steel robustness and carbon fibre flexibility.

The design is innovative and lightweight.
High quality sound absorbing material ensures long life and compliance with the FIM noise standards.

It is compatible with the original expansion and comes complete with the rubber anti-vibration fixing.

Available for: